Clive Campbell

I have always been interested in creating art and as a child I would draw birds in the garden or copy characters from comic books. As an adult I explored pastel portraiture and wildlife drawing, but it wasn’t until after my children had grown up that I considered the possibility of art as a career. In 2003 I took a stained glass course at my local adult education college and was particularly drawn to how light and colour interacted with the glass. I was reminded of a prism that my grandfather gave me when I was a child. That little piece of triangular glass captivated me.


After completing the stained glass course, I began making and selling stained glass panels on a part time basis, whilst working as a business analyst and architect in the IT industry. As my passion for glass grew, I reduced the number of days I spent on IT and now work 4 days a week on my glass. At nearly 60, I hope to soon to transition to glass art full time.


In addition to learning and applying the techniques of traditional stained glass I began experimenting with fused glass, starting with small cabochons and pedants. I now own 2 kilns and specialise in fused glass wall art. I have developed techniques which allow me to create large scale art panels that are not constrained by the size of my kilns. The largest piece I have made so far is 3.6 mtrs from top to bottom and is made of 7 interlocking panels. Until recently I worked mainly to commission, but have recently begun creating pieces for sale. This has allowed me to produce work that is of more personal interest and allows me to explore the medium in greater detail. I have work on display at the Tunbridge Wells Artisan centre, the Crowborough Glass works and have just agreed to source a number of pieces to Nutley Edge


I am a big fan of artists like M C Escher and aspire to create imagery that offers a new experience to the viewer each time they see it. I am constantly learning and strive toward that unattainable goal of “a piece that is perfect in concept, design and execution”. I take great inspiration from the fabulously talented Japanese artist, Hokusai, who was reported to say “AlI I have done before the age of 70 is not worth bothering with. At 100, I shall be a marvellous artist”



mobile 07810897519  ( please leave a voicemail if I don't answer the phone - thanks)