Is fused glass art safe?


If I had a £1 for every time I get asked that question, I would be a very rich man - ha ha 


Firstly, it's glass, so if you hit it with hammer, the chances are that it will break, but most fused glass is 6mm thick, which is pretty tough. Did you know that by comparison, the glass used to frame watercolours is generally only 2mm thick?

Secondly, when fused glass is properly heated and cooled (annealed), any inherent stress in the glass is removed, which makes it much less likely to break.

Thirdly, I bond my art to toughened glass backplates. Toughened glass is 5 times stronger than normal window glass. So having 6mm of fused glass bonded to between 4-6mm of toughended glass, makes a laminated panel that is very robust

Does bespoke art always have to be expensive?


The answer is a resounding NO!


Having the benefits of very low overheads and not being motivated solely by money, I am able to offer a unique bespoke service at an affordable price. I provide a free no obligation consultation and if you choose to commission me to create something for you, I will provide the design service for free too. You only pay for the materials and my time to create the artwork

Why would I buy from you, rather than just go to a gallery?


Did you know that galleries often charge around 40% commission? So for every £100 that the artist charges, you will be paying £40 to the gallery. Much work sold through galleries is also often an edition and even though the print run might be limited to say 50 copies, there are still 49 other people that have the same image as you. My work is unique. There is only ever 1 version and you have it

If I commission a piece from you what do I get for my money?


I will work with you to develop a unique design exclusively for you. I will strive to match it to your taste in art, make sure that it is in keeping with your decor and create somthing that enhaces the look of your home. Once we have agreed a design, I will build the piece for you, by hand and will deliver it to you once complete. During the process, I will keep you informed about progress and will give you the opportunity to see the development of the piece at key stages if you wish. Although many clients choose to wait until the end, to maximise the surprise factor

Do you make everything yourself?  - Yes


I contract out the production of the toughened backplates as well as the chrome fixings, but I make all of the artwork myself by hand at my workshop in Crowborough. I use only top quality materials and I pride myself on creating a high quality product. Here you can see the first layer of clear glass cut by hand for the tiger panel - This piece was made of separate pieces and each 2 layers thick and hand coloured 

What is the process for commissioning a piece of art?


The typical steps involved when commissioning a custom designed piece


I like to collaborate with clients whereever possible to develop a design based around their own ideas, however, I can provide a complete service including free design consultation


The steps below describe the typical process of engaging with me to discuss and or progress a commission:


Step 1 - Free Initial consultation

I can either meet with you in person depending upon your location, or discuss ideas by phone or e-mail. During these discussions, I would typically cover:

- The Client's ideas, inspiration and likes and dislikes

- Rough size and location of the work

- Construction options

- An indication of cost (I will generally be able to provide an indicative estimate, based on size and complexity of the design, prior to customers making any commitment to proceed)


Step 2 - Agreement on Price

Once we have agreed a design and the construction technique, I will be able to provide a more accurate estimate or agree a fixed price if required


Step 3 - Agreement to proceed

If you decide to proceed, I will work up draft designs and discuss these with you. This process will be repeated, until you are happy with the design, or we decide that one or other of us would prefer not to proceed


Step 4 - Commencement of work and payment

I will provide you with regular updates on progress. Generally, I fund the cost of the construction and only invoice clients once the work has been completed and the client is happy with the result. However on particularly large projects, it may be necessary to consider some form of staged payment arrangement


Step 5 - installation

I do not provide an installation service but am happy to supervise the installation if required

How do you price your work?


I provide free consultation and also include the design work for free. You only pay for the materials and my time to create the piece. I work to a sliding scale formula and charge between £1,500 and £4,000 per square metre depending upon complexity of the design.


What can you do for me?


I can offer a complete service or work to your brief

I am happy to work to a customer's brief, or provide a complete design & build service. I find it is often best to collaborate with a client to get an idea of what they would like. I then produce a selection of free designs for customers to review. This site gives details of the commission process and how to calculate roughly what a piece would cost


Large or small - Inside or Out 

I am happy to work on anything from small domestic pieces, to large scale artwork. I do not sell my panels as glazing and customers intending to use my panels in this way should refer to the disclaimer below. I can however arrange to have panels sealed inside double glazed units if required.


What are your terms and conditions?


Glass commissions and other art glass panels are supplied as pieces of artwork and not as window glazing. Stained glass panels may not conform to British glazing safety standards and contain potentially hazardous materials, including lead and or copper, spirit based cements and art glass.


Aries Glass does not accept any responsibility for injury or loss suffered as a result of customers choosing to use art glass panels as glazing. Customers intending to put art glass panels to this use are strongly recommended to seek advice from their local building regulations department, who should be able to provide up to date and correct information regarding glazing safety standards.


Aries glass can arrange for art panels to be encased inside professionally sealed double glazed units if required.


Common sense should be applied to the handling and maintenance of art glass products. For example:


• Panels should not be located where they pose a risk to the health or safety of passers by

• Hands should be washed after touching any lead or copper surfaces

• Children should be discouraged from touching panels or playing nearby

• Cleaning should not involve any harsh chemicals or abrasives

• DIY repairs should not be attempted to either glass or metal components